Elements in Nature: Paintings by Denise P. Levine

Denise P. Levine celebrates life on many levels and this is reflected in her bold, passionate art. Intricate, yet accessible with warm vibrant colors and imagery, Levine works in painting, drawing and sculpture, which she also uses as an art therapist. Her garden and many elements of nature, appear in her paintings. An alchemist of emotion, music plays an integral part in her creative and design process. Levine uses this energy to offer a healing message through her work. An accomplished psychotherapist and early childhood educator, she co-founded The Healing House, a meditation and experiential learning center, in upstate New York. Levine has been named as one of The Brooklyn Women of Distinction for 2017. This exhibit of her work is her first solo show.

“My work is a tribute to Nature and is inspired by her elements– vivid colors, flowers, greenery, sun and wind, the earth and sky. As a youth I did a lot of camping in upstate New York and going to New York beaches, so I fell in love with the beauty all around me– mountains, the earth, the stars and marine life inspire me. I have also been an avid gardener since childhood. My goal is to create art that reflects nature to provide a calming, restorative and healing message. I am deeply honored to share my work at The Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.”

-D.P. Levine.

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