Therapist’s landscape art on display in Rockaway

By Naeisha Rose

For two months only, the art-work of Denise P levine is at the Jamaica Wildlife Refuge in Broad Channel. Her work is currently in exhibit and the show will run until July 4. The renowned Brooklyn art therapist, psychotherapist and childhood educator is a sculptor and painter who uses her expertise in these different areas to help people heal through artwork.

Levine’s intricate artwork features bold colors of landscape. “My work is a tribute to nature and inspired by her elements, vivid colors, flowers, greenery, sun and wind, the earth and sky.” Levine said. Camping trips in upstate New York were also a great influence on her pieces. “I fell in love with the beauty all around me– mountains, the earth, the stars and marine life.” Levine said. This is Levine’s first solo work to go on display.

“My goal is to create art that reflects nature to provide a calming restorative and healing message.” she said. “I am deeply honored to share my work at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.” The Jamaica Wildlife Refuge is located at 175-10  Cross Ray Blvd and is opened from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.

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